October 28

Leadership Talk

Today Mrs Montgomery talked about leadership and these are all the things she talked about.

Hosesty. I need to be honest with myself and my friend so they trust me.

Listening. I need to listen to others and respect their ideas.

Trust your friends. If you don’t trust your friends things would be pretty hard and you would be alone.

Sense of humour. You need to have a sense of humour be you need to know the right time and place and make sure you laugh with people not at them.

Stay strong. You need to stay strong and hold your head up high. If things don’t go your way you need to bounce back and stay strong.

Teamwork. All most all leadership roll needs you to know how to work in a team. Teamwork is one of the most important rolls when being a leader.

Focusing on what’s important. You need to focuse on what’s important and not the little details. I have had to focuse on what’s important when doing my school work.




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