November 30


Yesterday 5M and 5V went to VSSEC. It was a space education centre. First 5M, (me) did a unit called serious science.

First we looked at statice energy and magnetics. We rubbed a balloon on are heads and saw if it would attract or reject some objects. Then we made a dancing robot with a CD, wire, a battery and a motor. The motor spun around on the CD it looked like it was dancing.

Then we moved on to a unit called Misson to Mars. We got a cool blue suit on and we split in to two group. My group went to misson control. There was 6 computers. Each one had a focus. Mine was robot control. We had a group on Mars we talked to and asked them questions and we wrote down the answer.

We had to check to system at times to check if anything was wrong and if there was we had to answer a question. After about half an hour we got a big alert. A meteor shower was going to hit the Mars base the communication computer told them to evacuate. They got out with five seconds left.

Then it was my groups turn to go to Mars. We watched a video about how we will get to Mars. We got up to the base. I was on the communication computer and DNA. We broke down peas and looked at the DNA. We answered questions and then we were told to evacuate. We had to know why and get all the paper. There was a virus in the base. Most of us got out but two people didn’t make it.

It was great fun. Here are some photos.

imageThis is me and Deakin in Serious science.

imageThis is me and Erin braking down peas


November 30

Moon Diary

Over November we have been making a moon diary. We have used a website (the link is on Miss May’s blog) that tells use the phase it is in, the % that we can see and the set and rise time.

It was great fun seeing all the moon phases like full moon, waxing and waning crescent and gibbous, first quarter and last quarter.

This is my moon diary.


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