October 20

Rhyming poems



In this jail,
it’s nothing but hail.
Guards don’t care,
About my lack of hair.
I’m very cold,
but I got a key mould,
I started to dig,
the hole became big.
I cut the fence down,
I can’t be found.
I ran away,
it was the day.

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October 16


Sport. It was my first game back for bat tennis. I was playing singles. I was also the captin. I lost 4 to zero but it was still fun. I then got to score 2 game and we won 20 to 8.

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October 15


I learned that to make a shadow you need light. To hide your shadow you can go in another shadow. When light hits you it can’t hit the spot you are corvering. In the morning the sun rises form the east and your shadow should be in front of you. In the afternoon the Suns is setting in the west and your shadow should be behind you.imageimageimage

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October 7

imageYesterday I drew a picture of what I thought in the Lunar System. I think that the Earth moves around the Sun once a year while spinning around once a day. I also think that the Moon moves around the Earth.

imageWe had to pick a claim about what happens in the Lunar System. I picked this claim.

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October 6

Haiku Poem

A Haiku Poem is a poem that has three lines. The first line must have five syllables, the second must have seven syllables and the third must have five. They were make in Japan. Here is my favourite poem I wrote.


Prisoners go there

The guards protect the prison

Prisoners escape

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August 31

Italian Week

This Week was Italian Week. We did Italian based activates in class and in specialist. On Monday we didn’t do anything special but on Tuesday we had a dress up day where we all dressed up as something Italian. On Wednesday we watched a play called La Festa. Then on Thursday we had pizza and gelato for lunch. Finally on Friday we made masks.

August 23

Cause and Effect


Cause is when something happens and the effect is the result. Et: You were late, so you got in trouble. We watched a video called Mike’s New Car and we had to list causes and effects. Here is the table.


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August 14

#Dis Moment


My dis moment for this week is wining my game of softball. I was so happy because we are undefeated and I want to keep it that way. I got home and I even got to be catcher. Dis was one of our best games and the score was 9 to 5.