July 17

How to make a quality post

Step 1. Make sure the spelling and punctuation is all correct.

Step 2. Have a photo or picture that is related to the post, and make sure you have a caption that matches the photo or picture. (Optional)

Step 3. You need a description to tell people what the post is about.

Step 4. Have a good title to give a taster of the post.

Step 5. Add a question or two at the end.

Step 6. Check over your work, than publish.

That is how you make a quality post.

How do you make a quality post?

What steps would you take?



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July 15

How To Tie Your Shoelaces

This is the procedure

This is the procedure

In class today we had to follow a procedure that told us how to tie shoelaces, but it only used words. Then we took photos of all the steps and put them in the procedure.

How do you tie your shoelaces?

What kind of procedure is easier for you to follow, photos or text?


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