November 4



Contractions are two words that are joined together like. Is not is now isn’t. The ‘ is placed when the letter was. Here are lots of examples.

It is, It’s. I am, I’m. He is, He’s. Would not, Wouldn’t. They will, They’ll.

I’ll do it but Sam wouldn’t and he’d just said no, they’ll do it but Jess didn’t like it even though she’d normally would.

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October 20

Rhyming poems



In this jail,
it’s nothing but hail.
Guards don’t care,
About my lack of hair.
I’m very cold,
but I got a key mould,
I started to dig,
the hole became big.
I cut the fence down,
I can’t be found.
I ran away,
it was the day.

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October 6

Haiku Poem

A Haiku Poem is a poem that has three lines. The first line must have five syllables, the second must have seven syllables and the third must have five. They were make in Japan. Here is my favourite poem I wrote.


Prisoners go there

The guards protect the prison

Prisoners escape

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July 22

Save the animals

Animals I would save are,

1. Cow, because cows make milk and milk is used to make almost all dairy products. Cow also give us beef and beef make lots of things too.

2. Chickens, because chickens lay eggs and eggs are good for us and eggs make things like cakes and cookies.

3. Wolfs, because they can be tamed and are good protection. Also they can hunt and get food.

4. Sheep, because you need to shear them to make clothes. Also you can kill them to get meat.

5. Horses, because they can be tamed and you can ride around on them and they can carry things. Also you can get meat from them.

Which five animal would you save, why?


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